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March 10, 2023

Community Insurance Care Line: Powered by Guardian MCS

Community Insurance Care Line: Powered by Guardian MCS

Community Insurance Corporation is excited to share an update regarding important changes and enhancements to our Care Line service.

The Care Line is a 24/7/365 telephonic nurse triage service available to your employees who are injured at work. The Care Line aims to ensure the appropriateness of care while providing your injured employees with assistance concerning home care remedies for minor injuries or, when necessary, coordinating medical treatment at a convenient local clinic. In addition to scheduling the treatment for the employee, the Care Line nurse provides the clinic with helpful paperwork that addresses the release of medical records and work status.

Community Insurance provides the Care Line at no additional cost.

We’re Insourcing the Care Line
Since we began offering the Care Line in 2013, the service has been outsourced to a third-party managed care provider. As of October 2022, the Care Line has been insourced within our General Administrator.

With this transition, you can continue to expect:

  • Dedication to ensuring the appropriateness of care
  • Thorough communication
  • Excellent customer service and a caring approach
  • We’re Enhancing the Care Line
  • Building on the continuation of providing the same excellent service, we are excited to feature two new enhancements to the Care Line:

Claim Intake
Injured employees will now have the opportunity to submit a claim during the Care Line call. Using information gathered during the call, the Care Line will deliver claim setup data to our claim system and your County Mutual workers’ compensation claims team.

Claims will be marked as an incident until information is provided as to whether the injured employee sought treatment and/or is missing time from work. Instead of waiting for the employee to submit the claim, this prompt notification provides us with the necessary, actionable information to compress the claims timeline in determining compensability, requesting medical records, and assigning additional managed care resources.

The Claim Intake feature can, at your choosing, replace internal employee reporting processes. We encourage other reporting processes, such as employee written statements, supervisor’s reports, and witness statements, to continue to be collected and delivered to your adjuster.

Customized Service Instructions
The Care Line can now adapt custom service instructions for your organization. Do you have an occupational health agreement in place with a local clinic? Does your health insurance network include/exclude certain providers in your area? Do you require post-accident drug testing? Please complete the Promotional Items Request, which includes an opportunity to provide customized service instructions.

We’re Making A Few Changes
The Care Line’s transition from an outsourced service to an insourced service will necessitate certain changes.

The Care Line toll-free number has changed. The new Care Line toll-free number is 833-564-0894.

Care Line wallet cards and posters will need to be replaced to reflect the new toll-free number. Samples of the new wallet cards and posters can be previewed by clicking below.

Care Line Call Reports will arrive from the email Please ensure this email is on your organization’s “allow” list.

Care Line Promotional Items Requests
To facilitate a smooth transition, please complete the online form (link below) to request new Care Line wallet cards and posters. In addition, the online form will offer you an opportunity to communicate customized service instructions. If you cannot provide customized service instructions now or wish to make changes in the future, don’t hesitate to contact Josh Dirkse, Director of Client Services, via email or 262-230-1495.

Click here to receive promotional items

Care Line Transition Timeframe
The enhanced Care Line (833-564-0894) became operational on Saturday, October 1, 2022. Please ensure you’ve communicated changes to your internal process and distributed wallet cards and posters before this date.

We often say, “working together, we truly are a Mutual effort.” Don’t hesitate to contact Josh Dirkse, Director of Client Services via email or 262-230-1495 if you have any questions.

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