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Q: Who owns the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation?
A: As a mutual insurance corporation, the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation is owned by the counties that participate in its insurance programs. We have always believed that this ownership, direct involvement and accountability are what have made the County Mutual both strong and thriving.

Q: Is there a board of directors? Who leads the company?
A: To lead the company, the County Mutual’s owners elect representatives to serve 4-year terms on the Board of Directors. There are 18 county directors and one municipal director on the Board. Directors must be county board supervisors, county executives or elected officials from the county and municipal owners.

Q: Who underwrites the policies written by the County Mutual?
A: The County Mutual underwrites all of the policies issued by the corporation. In addition to establishing rates and issuing policies, the County Mutual’s underwriting team develops management information on deductible options, issues certificates of insurance and consults on contract language to protect the owner counties and municipalities.

Q: I am interested in the Wisconsin County Mutual, but am a Village President, can you still help?
A: Yes. In 2003, a subsidiary of the Wisconsin County Mutual, Community Insurance Corporation was formed. It is an A.M. Best rated company and offers general liability, automobile liability, public officials’ errors and omissions or school board legal liability, property and worker’s compensation to cities, towns, villages and school districts. For municipal program information, visit Community Insurance Corporation’s web site at

Q: How do I implement an ODIP in my county?
A: Contact Vance Forrest of Aegis Corporation, A Charles Taylor Company, at 866.404.2700 or via email.

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