County Liability

The county liability program is the cornerstone of the Wisconsin County Mutual programs. Wisconsin County Mutual drafted its own policy in order to provide its owners the total scope of liability protection needed by counties. Under the policy, Wisconsin County Mutual provides the following coverage:

  • General liability
  • Personal injury liability, including coverage for discrimination, civil rights violations and employment related actions;
  • Automobile liability, including uninsured motorist coverage;
  • Law enforcement liability, including coverage for assault and battery and intentional acts;
  • Public officials’ errors and omissions liability, including directors and officers liability for health care institutions, county owned airports and county officials representing the county on other boards and commissions.
  • Cyber Risk Enhancement Endorsement

Wisconsin County Mutual provides all coverages in one policy, which eliminates potential coverage gaps and reduces the potential for claims disallowance. The company provides $10 million in limits per occurrence with no annual policy aggregate.

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