Mutual Advantage

Claims Services

The County Mutual provides entire “cradle-to-grave” claims adjusting and litigation management services for liability, workers’ compensation, and property claims. In addition to managing the claim lifecycle, we have developed service offerings to add value to this service and give you the necessary tools to create a risk-aware culture in your county and positively impact your loss experience.

Pre-Claim Loss Control
Often, a county becomes aware of a situation that may give rise to a potential claim. Though no coverage trigger exists (notice of claim, suit, or monetary/non-monetary damages) – the County Mutual developed Pre-Claim Loss Control to proactively respond to these situations. Pre-Claim Loss Control provides strategic legal consultation that will aid the county in proper handling to prevent legal action or advance a position that is removed from the difficult circumstances of the situation. If a formal claim, notice, or suit is brought, the county has already developed its legal strategy and has a head-start in the investigation and discovery.

County Mutual Care Line
The County Mutual Care Line is a 24/7 telephonic nurse triage line available to injured employees from workers’ compensation insured members. The Care Line nurses triage an injury to ensure the appropriateness of treatment – avoiding unnecessary emergency room or urgent care visits where possible by recommending home care remedies. If medical treatment is recommended or requested, the nurse will assist the injured employee with scheduling convenient care and prepare the clinic for the employee’s arrival. In addition to triaging injuries to ensure the appropriateness of care, the Care Line will also intake the claim into our system, allowing our adjusters to begin their investigation and approve benefits.

For a complete overview of our member services offering, download our County Mutual Member Services Overview.

For more information on how your county can become a member of the County Mutual or to learn more about how to engage these services for your county, please contact Josh Dirkse at 800.236.6885 or via email by clicking here.

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