Mutual Advantage

Member Services

The County Mutual provides numerous risk management, underwriting, and claims support services that aim to:

  • limit our members’ financial exposure to loss;
  • promote member budget stability by offering complimentary services or high-value cost-sharing;
  • educate members in insurance coverage, claims, and risk management.

From the latest in cyber security training through our Cyber-Resilience & Education Coordination Services (C-RECS) Program to offering innovative service enhancements like our County Mutual Care Line, a 24/7 telephonic nurse triage line for employee injuries, we are dedicated to adding value and empowering our members.

For a complete overview of our member services offering, download our County Mutual Member Services Overview.

The positive impact of these services is underpinned by our close and collaborative relationships with our member counties. After all, Working Together, We Truly Are, A Mutual Effort.

For more information on how your county can become a member of the County Mutual or to learn more about how to engage these services for your county, please contact Josh Dirkse at 800.236.6885 or via email by clicking here.