Mutual Advantage

Underwriting Services

Managing your county’s insurance program can be challenging. In addition to processing renewals and connecting your county to the coverages you need – the County Mutual is here to help with supportive services throughout the policy year.

Insurance Program Monitoring & Optimization
The County Mutual can provide monitoring information to support committee/board reporting functions by providing historical premiums, deductible selections, and insurance program reviews. In addition, we can aid with optimizing internal insurance program management by recommending processes that encourage collaboration amongst your departments and streamline important functions, like property statement of values maintenance and Certificate of Insurance management.

Contract Review
Contracts often include important sections impacting your liability and insurance programs. The County Mutual is available to review pending contracts, focusing on insurance and hold harmless/indemnification clauses.

Certificate of Insurance Maintenance
Many organizations you purchase/lease property from or partner with for services will require you to provide evidence of the insurance coverage you purchase. The County Mutual offers convenient ways to request Certificates of Insurance and maintains a database of your certificate holders. At renewal, we’ll re-issue your certificates for you.

Online Statement of Values (SOV) Maintenance
To insure your county’s property, insurers require you to provide a Statement of Value (SOV). The County Mutual has implemented an online SOV database called AMP (Asset Management Portal). The AMP portal allows you to submit property additions, deletions and changes online and manage building traits based on renovations or additions.

For a complete overview of our member services offering, download our County Mutual Member Services Overview.

For more information on how your county can become a member of the County Mutual or to learn more about how to engage these services for your county, please contact Josh Dirkse at 800.236.6885 or via email by clicking here.